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 Towashin application

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PostSubject: Towashin application   Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:18 am

name:towashin uchiha
2)kekkei genkai/doujutsu
3)able to percieve movements of another enemy, and track chakra. it also has the ability to tame the kyuubi within naruto.

1)mythical pheonix fire
2)ninjutsu-fire style
3)a fire type jutsu with the ability to emmit small yet numerous orbs of fire

1)great fire ball jutsu
3)a jutsu with the capabilities to emmmit a large fire in the form of a ball

3)a lighting-based jutsu with the ability to emmit a large explosion of chakra formed lightning from the hand. it also breaks skin because of the intensity

1)chidori current
3)this is a variation of chidori, it has the ability to create a current of lightning wherever the user pleases.

1)chidori senbon
2)ninjutsu/weaponry usage
3)using a small wave of chidori, sasuke is able to concentrate it into the form of senbon, making it a destuctive weapon.

1)chidori sword
3)during the shippuden timeskip, saskue has aquired a katana. this weapon is able to have a chidori current implied onto it, creating a destructive sword.

1)great dragon fire
3)this technique uses a massive fire wave than has extreme burning properties.

1)heaven seal
2)forbidden ninjutsu
3)this seal, or cursemark, is a sign of interest from orochimaru to you. sasuke was given this power in an attempt to bring him to otokagure to seek more power.

1)chidori nagishi
3)sasuke creates chidori inside his body and has it explode making lighting shoot right out of him creating a body of chidori that could stun the user and cause massive damage

1)tsukiymo dragon
3)sasuke blows a huge amount of fire using his chakra to form it into a huge dragon burning his foes and sometimes allies depends on what kind of mood he is in

3)sasuke will summon his huge snake manda to fight his enemy or rivals

1)lions barrage
3)sasuke pounds the user in the ground with his foot

1)saphire moon fire
3)sasuke blows fire in the shape of the moon but the color id blue and it burns the users skin if the user is 5 feet away from it

1)curseseal lvl 3
2)curse seal
3)sasuke grows 4 wings in this state all of his attacks are tripled

1)corrputed chidori nagishi
3)sasuke can only do this when he is in the curse seal form

history:towashin was a boy who was feared from everyone including his family his brothers treated him like garbage his mom didn't feed him at all for 8 years so he had to eat scraps out of the garbage. when he was 15 his whol intire village was killed by rogue ninja.he was killed as well.a couple years later orochimaru decided that it wa time to get another aprentice so he looked up Towashin and looked at his abilities and his history.So when orochimaru used his reanimation jutsu Towashin was brought back to life.now at this very moment towashin thinks dreams and beleifs are a waste of time he also thinks that life is nothing but a living hell and he will kill any one who gets in his way.
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PostSubject: Re: Towashin application   Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:35 am

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Towashin application
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