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 main site rules

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PostSubject: main site rules   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:23 am

these rles must be followed through the entire site:

here is the punishment legend: |= 1 strike,a warning but 5 on one issue is a ban, if it is 5 one strike warnings, it is not neccecarily a ban depending on the severityif it is several strikes (ex. |-|||) it means either of those and anything in between

1. swearing=|-||| depending on the word
2. pornography, or an attempt at it=||||| no dispute
3. racism/sexism/agetism=|-|||| depending on severity
4. disputing a moderators verdict=|
5. disputing an administrators verdict=||
6. disputing icehawks verdict(grrrrr...)=|||
7. innapropriate advertisements=|-|||||
8. displaying links in chatbox= a simple kick from chatbox, not a ban, a kick, basicly it logs you off chatbox and you can come back anytime
9. no threats(if its roleplaying its ok but if its an honest threat to do harm in real life its punishable)= |-|||||
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main site rules
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